Our fees


The sale :

The practice in Luxembourg is that the client using a real estate professional is required to pay the commission. In fact, agency fees are generally payable by the seller insofar as it is the seller who signs the sales mandate with the agency.

However, insofar as the service provided by the agent is not provided solely to the seller, but also to the buyer, a sharing of the commission can be envisaged.

Consequently, this wording may be provided in an advertisement: sale price €400,000, the agency's fees will be borne by the seller.

A commission payable by the buyer may also be provided if the buyer signs a search warrant.

Our commissions for the sale amount:

3.% + VAT 17% for a transaction from 0€ to 1.000.000€.

2.% + 17% VAT for a transaction between €1,000,000 and €2,000,000.

1.% + 17% VAT for a transaction between €2,000,000 and €3,000,000.

The sale of a business:

Our commissions for the transfer of a goodwill amount to:

3% + VAT 17% of the value of the goodwill.

Renting a property:

The agency fees for the rental amount to 1 month's rent + 17% VAT. They are the responsibility of the tenant.


Agency fees for an inventory are not charged for the rental of a property.

Valuation of a property:

The estimate is always free.

The rental of commercial premises:

The costs for renting a commercial premises amount to 1 monthly rent + 17% VAT. They are the responsibility of the tenant.

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